Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heroes: Godsend

The title “Godsend” says it all- thank God this show is back! This episode picked up two weeks after the fall season finale. Peter was in the hospital, fighting an unexplained fever. Nathan was keeping watch. Hiro and Ando were searching for the sword. Niki was locked up, trying to keep herself contained in prison. HRG outwitted Matt, ending Matt’s two-week surveillance and work with the FBI (for now). Sylar remained hidden in HRG’s lair.

Mohinder committed himself to continuing his father’s work by tracking down everyone on the list. He also resisted HRG’s offer to work together. Claire has maintained the charade, so far, of having her memory erased as she struggles to determine her identity and purpose now that she’s accepted her special ability.

Here’s to hoping Peter learns how to control the power of radioactivity so he doesn’t explode. Or perhaps he may explode, but it won’t destroy him. I’m actually more interested in the rumored connection between him and Claire.

Although I love, love, love Hiro, I’m not feeling the whole sword thing. Just a smidgen too comic-bookish for my taste. Seems like he needs to learn that his power resides within him, not some prop like a sword. Seeing his face fall when he realized he had a fake was priceless, though. So was his decision to return it.

Niki continues to rely on forces besides herself to control her dark impulses. Jessica is too out-of-control for her, so she’s relying on the containment of prison to keep Jessica in check. Her plan hit a slight wrinkle when the DA decided to pursue the death penalty. Now Niki will have to fight Jessica and the state to stay alive. She really needs to learn to rely on herself!

HRG is just one giant question-mark for me. I trust what we learn about him will be great.

Mohinder and Claire are both coming into their own. Mohinder has cast aside his disbelief and is committed to finding- and helping- the heroes.

Claire finally accepted her abilities and is trying to learn more about them. I loved the moment when she said that she first started making the tapes of her self-healing to show her biological parents but was now making them to remind herself of who she was. She embodies a major turning point toward adulthood: self-acceptance.

Watching Hiro and Nathan talk makes me even more eager to see the other heroes interact. I can’t wait for that!

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