Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prison Break- Holy S@#!

I'm so impressed with the twists and turns with this episode, I don't even care about plot holes the size of Texas!

Sucre's initial response to the pilot's plan to jump out ("No way!") cracked me up because that's exactly how I would've responded. Yet he's the one fugitive who actually made it across the border, so good for him.

And it's no surprise T-Bag found that woman from prison. I still don't get all the women being charmed by him, though. His smile alone would send me screaming for the door. Ugh.But on to the big stuff- Bellick imprisoned in Fox River? A new warden at Fox River? Who saw that coming?

And Michael and Linc! I knew they weren't headed back to prison, so when the border patrol caught them, my jaw dropped (much like Mahone's). With the obvious set-up for their escape, I first thought the writers had just gotten lazy- until Michael pointed out to Linc that it was too obvious. I praised Michael's intelligence.

Then I wanted to shoot Linc myself for insisting they make a run for it anyway. And then I was ready to shoot Michael, too, for agreeing to it!

I was sure Kellerman was desperate enough to kill them to get back into the President's good graces. When he shot Mahone instead, my jaw just about unhinged, it dropped so far.

For the first time, I cheered on Kellerman! He finally got a clue and decided to defend himself rather than be the president's patsy. I almost felt bad for Sara pressing him like a starched shirt with that hot iron- but not quite.

As for Mahone- I'll have to have my jaw wired back together if he actually dies. Maybe it's a good thing new episodes won't air until January; I'll be able to eat during the holidays!

There's just one last thing regarding last week's episode: C-Note. His wife gets arrested covering for his trifling self, after he embroiled her in his criminal ways, and the best he can do is mouth "I'm so sorry"? I would've been mouthing "I'm sorry, too" after I turned him in!

It's going to be a long wait until January!

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