Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NBC's TV Show Heroes: My Absolute Favorite New Show

Heroes is my absolute favorite show on TV right now. For me, this says a lot, because I'm only recently becoming re-acquainted with popular culture. My twenties were spent in a black hole commonly referred to as "graduate school," and since part of my training required working evenings (to see psychotherapy clients), I missed most TV shows and was too poor to go to the movies on a regular basis. (Alias and the X-Files were the two exceptions.)

But as my time in the black hole becomes an increasingly vague nightmare, I'm returning to civilization- and TV. I've been impressed with the quality of many shows, but Heroes has crawled right under my skin with its epic questions of destiny, identity, and self-worth embedded in a fun comic-book/fantasy setting.

I was talking with a friend who said she just didn't see the appeal of Heroes. That made sense to me; she's not into fantasy or action/adventure. She's the romantic comedy fan. But below is my first impression of Heroes, after watching the premiere episode. Reading my first impressions makes a stronger case than anything I can recall now.

And I promise, I have a lot more of Heroes stuff to write about!

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