Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Heroes Question: Did Jessica Truly Exist or Not?

In my initial blogcritics review (I've asked an editor to revise it) and at my TVGuide blog, I questioned whether or not Jessica truly existed. I wondered about this because Niki's father seemed completely confused when Niki called herself Jessica. I now realize that this confusion could be due to Jessica's death, not the idea that she never truly existed.

Yet Jessica's statements about "taking every punch" for Niki made me think she never actually existed- that she was an alternate personality. One theory about Dissociative Identity Disorder is that alternate personalities develop in response to traumatic events (e.g., the alternate personality experiences and retains the memory of the abuse because it's too painful for the "main" or "original" personality).

If that's true, then I thought Niki may have "buried" her as a way to move on with her life while trying to remain sober.

Now, though, I wonder if I was either really sharp or massively over-reaching. Guess I'll find out as the season continues...

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