Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Everyone has to start somewhere, so this is it for me.

I'm currently an aspiring do-gooder with grandiose dreams of helping people in need (like the abused, the underprivileged) but having a hard time doing it. My multiple advanced degrees and years of training are apparently more than non-profits need. Never mind that they struggle to keep a staff. Go figure.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Anyway, as a child and teen I used to write- creative stories, keeping a journal- but I quit all that when I went to college and then graduate school. Now, with my many degrees under my belt, I keep feeling the urge to write, and I finally have the time, now that I'm done with school and looking for a job.

I started (and will continue) a blog at called EDJ's Random Thoughts on Entertainment. I enjoy doing it, but it focuses exclusively on TV shows, and I wanted to branch out into other topics. I'll start posting on, too, but I wanted to do a blog where I could blog about, well, anything, so here you go.

To the two people who may read this... I hope I don't drive you crazy.

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